Each piece of Natalie B. Jewelry is handmade and carries the love and spirit of Venice Beach.

Please Note: Certain metals and plating (specifically gold and rose gold plated) can tarnish over time with exposure to chemicals, moisture and sometimes more quickly due to an individual's natural skin pH levels. Please understand, that everyone's skin can react differently to various metals, such as brass, plated/vermeil or gold-filled finishes. It is best to know if you have any allergies to metals prior to purchasing your items, as Natalie B. Jewelry is not liable for miscellaneous skin reactions.

We have some tips below to help maintain your jewelry with proper care & storage. 


- Store your NBJ jewels in a cool, dry place to avoid oxidation.

- Gently wipe each piece with a jewelry cloth after each wear.

- Store in a jewelry box.

- Any delicate items should be stored appropriately to avoid tangling.


Avoid undue moisture and should your item get wet, make sure to dry it off. Certain metals and plating (specifically gold-plated) can tarnish over time when exposed to chemicals such as pool and sea water, hair spray, perfume and lotions.

It's recommended to put your jewelry on last to minimize contact with these chemicals and should your item get wet, make sure to dry it off immediately to reduce the risk of oxidation.

We know how much you beach babes love wearing your jewels out in the sand, but wear at your own risk, as pieces may tarnish.

Please Note: Natalie B. Jewelry is not responsible for damaged merchandise, wear, tarnishing, or any miscellaneous skin reactions that may occur by foregoing our above Storage and Care recommendations.


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