Ethnic Flavor

Handmade in Mexico, our Two Raven Collection will give any outfit an ethnic flair.

Whether it's the Naja Squash Blossom, or the Two Raven Long necklace, you can easily rock these babies with a flowy maxi dress, leather jacket, or even a bikini!

The inverted crescent pendant on squash-blossom necklaces, called the 'Naja' by the Navajo, is found in various design forms throughout the world. During the Middle Ages, the Moors rode out of the East and conquered lands in a westerly direction including eight centuries of occupation in Spain. They adopted the symbol as a bridle ornament, and thought the inverted crescent would protect both themselves and their horses from 'the evil eye'. When the Spaniards came to South and Central America, they brought that same idea with them for the protection of their horses and of their soldiers. Thus, the Moors taught the Spanish, who taught the Mexicans, who taught the Navajo their belief systems and metallurgy. The Navajo adopted the symbol of the inverted crescent for their horses. The Naja was put on the horse headstall, the front center band of the horse bridle, and later, the Naja moved into the realm of necklaces.  The flower pendent is a representation of the Spanish-Mexican pomegranate and a variation of this design can be found in the motif of Granada, Spain. In the Americas, Spanish colonial gentlemen wore variations of these pomegranate flower blossoms on their shirts, capes and trousers as silver adornments.



The Two Raven Slave bracelet adds POP to any armparty!


Genuine, one of a kind stones, make for an original statement!

 Grab yourself some cuffs and rings to complete your collection!

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