Planet Blue Loves Natalie B. Jewelry

This is an LA love story, a love story based on matching ideals and similar ideas, on admiration for each other’s work and - of course - the love for fashion and design.

Planet Blue featuring Natalie B Jewelry

The Natalie B. – Planet Blue story began over 18 years ago. It involved two women that followed their dreams, Natalie Balker, founder and designer of the Venice Beach based jewelry line Natalie B. - and Ling-Su Chinn, founder and owner of Planet Blue, a multi-brand boutique retailer stepped in the West Coast beach culture and boho style, that started out with a little store in Malibu, CA and grew into a brand recognized and admired worldwide.

From the beginning, Ling saw the unique quality of Natalie's bohemian vintage creations and became the first retailer to take on the Natalie B Jewelry range. It was an instant success and like any great love story it grew into an adoring long term relationship.

Sold in all six Planet Blue stores across the US, including Malibu, Santa Monica, Venice, Beverly Hills, Palo Alto and Scottsdale, Dallas and the Hamptons.

Like Planet Blue, Natalie B Jewelry keeps evolving while paying tribute to its bohemian retro roots with the classic vintage collection. By adding new, edgier pieces that incorporate assorted semi-precious stones or brass and silver metals, the Natalie B. Jewelry brand grows and attracts new fans all over the world.

Natalie B Jewelry exudes originality, quality, and an incredible beauty that illuminates from each piece we create. A fearless adventurer, Natalie is a nomad- a curious wanderer in pursuit of tradition, history, and culture. She is a passionate creator of magnificence. Her jewelry carries historical significance, so that her customer may carry that history into modernity. Her attention to detail and taste are carried through each adornment bearing her name. Each Natalie B piece is a reflection of the traditional and exotic - an elegant mix of mystique and excitement. Each piece is made to allow its wearer to feel special and beautiful, for the relationship and attachment wearers have with their jewelry, is an unparalleled companionship.

Natalie's inspiration comes from her travels. Mexico, Bali, Bali, Paris, Turkey and Thailand are just a few of the destinations where she sources vintage artifacts, silver metals, gorgeous turquoise stones and beautiful freshwater pearls.

Planet Blue carries a variety of Natalie B. Jewelry styles -- from one-of-a-kind fashion pieces including Victorian locket necklaces and the coveted vintage bracelets adorned with vintage rhinestone dress clips, to delicate midi pave rings and authentic Afghan choker necklaces.

With their distinct eye and a finger on the pulse of emerging trends, both Planet Blue and Natalie B. Jewelry - remain true to their classic California beach girl meets boho chic origins, while continuing to evolve with cutting edge contemporary style.

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