• Rise of the Phoenix Cuff
  • Rise of the Phoenix Cuff

Rise of the Phoenix Cuff

$26.99 $53.00

The Rise of the Phoenix Cuff is a 4" studded and embossed silver cuff with hand-etched phoenix detail. Adjustable. Renew your look with this powerful statement cuff just as the mythical Phoenix rises from the ashes.

The Hmong practice spirit worship, believing their silver keeps away evil spirits. It is believed that the dramatic spikes keep away evil spirits, while the bearer of this bracelet remains safe from harm.

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The Hmong people are an ethnic group originating from the mountainous areas in the south of China where they have lived for at least 2,000 years. The Shaman Collection celebrates the craftsmanship and cultural history of this beautiful tribe. Rich in symbolism and tradition their heritage is carried throughout every piece of this collection, creating a symbolic relationship between history and modernity. Wearing each piece wards off negativity and encourages healing.

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